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NELCO USA is a USA satellite office of NELCO INDIA LTD  President of Nelco USA is Amber Anand and Vice-President of NELCO USA is Varun Anand. NELCO USA is  Marketed and Managed by Bruce Caldwell. We had a great year in 2016 with many USA Olympians throwing NELCO products.  We have teamed our Controlled Flight Engineers with the Pro Throwers to bring you a Premium Metal Rim discus line. We have listened to what they have asked for and provided the best of the best! Thicker rims and better controlled retention for a better Aerodynamic Glide. The YELLOW Plate is easy to find for those farther distances you will throw, it is the same concept and LQQK as the Pros throw, and is priced competitively better than the competition! Browse or website check out the secrets and get the perfect rim weight for your comfort and ability. Call Bruce if you need help in selection.  To purchase, please ask your local sporting goods dealer to contact us to provide you with our special custom products.

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